Lost enable password

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I got a 2950 off ebay just for shits and giggles and because it was pretty cheap. Works fine, except the password to get into enable mode is.... well... unknown.

Network Infrastructure isn't my bag of candy, but I was googled to:


Don't even know what country owns .il off the top of my head. Anyways I can Flash_init fine. But I can't load_helper and that's as far as I can get. Just returns me another prompt and I can't look in the Flash directory.

Is this a proper way to recover an enable password or is there another more appropriate way? Will this even work?

My attempts at brute forcing this with such passwords as God, Iliekcheese, Southparkrox, sex, hooters, and cheesecake have all proved futile.

Well, I'd appreciate any 2 cents I can get, about a dimes worth would be nice :^).
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    ctrl break to boot into rommon

    from there

    config reg 2142


    this will bypass startup config
    from there change the password or disable

    copy run start


    ctrl brk

    config reg 2102

    I wanna be ccie
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    Sweet, thanks guys. Just a case of ID10T

    Note to self, ensure the : is properly entered in after the command dir flash: that was pretty much all I was missing. I wonder who else can admit that?!!

    Problem solved, switch is pretty sweet now, all is well. Guess I'll start browsing around cisco's site from now on for answers :^).
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    Tyrant1919 wrote:
    I wonder who else can admit that?!!
    I do it enough that I should know better, but I still do it all the time icon_lol.gif

    It's an annoying exception to using shortcuts on the Cisco command line -- usually in the regular Cisco Command Line you just have to type enough of the command so that it is unique from any of the other options available.

    But when you're dealing with ROMMON, it's probably just easier to cut & paste the commands. Plus I've never thought to try any shortcut commands in ROMMON -- so I'm not sure if they would work anyways. icon_eek.gif

    Another common ROMMON error is when TFTPing new images (on routers/switches that offer that option) to ignore the case of variables mentioned in the Cisco Docs.... but the Variables are CASE SENSITIVE and should be UPPERCASE. icon_lol.gif
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    Yeah, it'll be a fun venture once I get a few more cisco toys. Can't wait.....

    I've watched people play with them, so I'm familiar enough to be dangerous, and that's about it.
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    Mike's cat does most of his ROMMOM work.
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