Taking my Net+ tomorrow 10:00am I have a question

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Taking my Net+ exam tomorrow 10:00am, I have a question in regards to WAP,s

I am reading the TechExam Technotes and it shows WAPs at the Physical Layer and Data Link layer Pages 31,32. I have always thought them to be at the Data Link layer I have seen some other notes that would indicated they could work at layer 1 as well.

For the CompTIA Net+ exam am I safe to assume the Data link Layer if asked that question. I feel confident in picking Layer 2, but the Technote have me wondering. icon_confused.gif

Oh did I also mention I am very nervous about the test!



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    Network devices operate at multiple layers. They're not mutually exclusive. The common practice is label a device at the highest layer it operates at. All network devices have layer one components, such as the Ethernet interfaces or radio signals in this case. That WAP could even be considered a layer three device if it was one of those common Linksys devices that performed routing as well. I think layer two would be the best description for a standard WAP.
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    I dont remember anything close to that when I took the test, but I would say its closer to physical layer 1 than data link layer 2. Technically its both. But I dont think they would list both, one or the other, maybe checkboxes for both. Thats if you even get a question like this.
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    just like a NIC. icon_cool.gif
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    Each layer of the OSI Model takes advantage of the layer below it.

    This means that you simply need to mention the highest layer and you automatically account for the lower layers.

    A WAP operates at layer 2, but it takes advantage of layer 1 features of course. In a question Layer 2 would be the best response. but if they ask for two then you can put both 1 and 2.

    But again generally a standard wireless access point will operate at layer 2 of the OSI Model.
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    Thank you all for the reply,s

    I am spending all day cramming for tomorrow's test. I feel nervous and have butterflies in my stomach, I hate taking tests! I'll be glad when this is over.

    Should the question presented itself on the test, I feel better about how to answer it.

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    Well I took the test today and YES I passed!!!! with no questions about what layer a WAP works at.

    I had a 632 not the best score, but it's better then a 554 which is what you need to pass. WOO HOO!!!! Glad that's behind me.

    There were some strange questions on this test (more in the wording of them) They give you just enough to confuse you.

    Now it's on to my MCSA icon_cool.gif

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    Any areas that you thought were emphasized?

    Any pointers for last minute review ? I have the exam on Wednesday afternoon.

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    Congrats! I was thinking the chances were slim of it popping up.
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    ROMGabe wrote:

    Any areas that you thought were emphasized?

    Any pointers for last minute review ? I have the exam on Wednesday afternoon.


    There were a few wireless questions, one subnet and I really can't remember anything else! LOL
    I was so nervous I had all I could do just to think! I tried to remember all the questions after the test and I just can't.

    I took the attitude that failure was not an option! and studied everything, I used TestOut, Sybex and Mike Myers Network+ Passport this website and Pro profs website. Take the practice exams don't memorize the answers but study the areas you find were you may be week in. Good Luck on you test and get a good nights rest the day before you take it.


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