Need Some Advice!!

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Hi there,and greets to all of you on this site it's a great job you're
doing here just keep it up,as for me i am an A+ and linux+ certified but
still want to prove myself actually i'm in rhce (i.e)"red hat certified engineer
for those perhaps who don't know but it's great to studying on differrent
platform in fact the problem is here in mauritius linux or whatever on the computing
related is still taboo and it is very difficult to have information,so
for i have decided to slow down on RHCE for now and start my MCSE in dublin and i'm determined to have this certification,perhaps a lot of people will
laugh at me but it's like that,i am not like to stop whatever i've started,so the main purpose of my posting is i would like to have some advice and opinions on my situation and one more thing know i've
been long enough is there a dicussed forum on mcse....
Many regards... icon_wink.gif
I write codes so you don't have to!!


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