CISSP Requirment

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Hello All,

I am Asim Abbas from Pakistan . I am Redhat Certified Engineer and i have a more then three experience as a system Administrator . My question is I am eliglable for CISSP exam or not ...?

Asim ABbas


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    Hello Abbas,

    This depends on a lot of aspects. First, the requirement of number years of your work experience, since you said you have more than 3 years in experience, in my knowledge its more like 5 years. There are ways you can get an year's worth of exemption, e.g; if you have a certain cert in the info sec or a college degree from one schools on ISC2's approved list, the chances are real slim on this one, since the list if real short. The most importand factor is the kind of experience you have, by that I mean does it lie in one the 10 CBK domains defined by ISC2 for CISSP. If not, then you don't qualify, if yes then you might have to wait just a little more. If you are in info sec, you experience most likely falls into one of the 10 CBK domains. For official information, please check the following URL.

    Good luck on your road to CISSP.
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    I totally missed on this one, check the following link for a lot more information on CISSP. This has been started by a pro (Keatron), should be very informative:

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