Certificate authority

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Good day! I'm currentely covering some material on RRAS however I'm having difficulty regarding certificate authoirty.

1) Do both PPTP and L2TP support CA? I believed they did untill I heard nothing about PPTP & CA.

2) How does the basic process work? Lets say a company has a RRAS set up using L2TP, how are certificates produced and distributed to remote clients to allow a connection?

Thanks guys.


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    1) Just L2TP, which is why PPTP is easier to deploy, but slightly less secure.

    2) You could do things like auto-enrollment if it's for, say, your laptop employees who just want to connect from home. Otherwise, you'll have to install the certificates manually through the certificates MMC or a certificates website.

    You'll learn more about this in 293, so you don't have to worry about the details of these right now.
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    Appreciate your help as always Dynamik!
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