What do you suggest I take?

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I am trying to decide my courses I will be taking for my degree program in school. My degree track will lead me to my CCNA which is done and my MCSE also. I have to take some computer type elective classes which are below:

Introduction to Unix/Linux
Web Page Design
Introduction to Visual Basic
Advanced Database Development
Voice and Data Cabling
Server Hardware
Managing Network Security
Emerging Technologies
Wireless Technologies
Java Programming

I am required to take 2 of these classes. I plan on taking Managing Network Security and getting my Sceurity+ with this class plus some other resources. I can't decide on what other class I want to take, I am trying to round my overall work ability out. I was thinking of either doing Java, Wireless, or VB. Anyone have any suggestions as far as work related which one would help more. I may go back and take all of them after I finish my degree also, depends on how much time I have left before my wife is done with school.


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    I guess if you're doing networking, networking, and nothing but networking.... I think you should try the Wireless course. Unless you want to know something about everything (which is how all geeks think icon_wink.gif ), I think you're Security course choice plus the Wireless one will be a good combination

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