So is the vista exam easier than the network+?

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I passed my network+ Score of 825/900 today and moving on to the microsoft exams.

The exam had straight forward questions, finished it within 40mins

I did have some questions that had no right answer or wrong answer. So I just guessed.

I used the technotes on here and Mike meyers all in one. I dont recommend Mike meyers alittle out of date and boring. Where the technotes were straight to the point.

What help me pass is to write your self notes on subjects in your own words so you can understand and if something doesnt make sense dont give up. keep going over it, you will get it. Everything will full in to place. Study a subject well untill you understand before going on to the nexts one. If a subject is so boring try listening to music while reading it. Always take breaks cramming everything at once in will just confuse you.

Good luck to all that will be taking this exam.
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