what next after MCSE 2003???

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Hello Guys i just wanted some sugesstion from u all that i have completed my MCSE 2003 certification and i am currently working in 5 star hotel as sustem administrator. so what next shuld i do which certification shuld i pursue?? CCNA or something else??? plz help guys..thanks in advance..


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    i havent got my mcse but i think for what your asking it all depends which route you want to go? i believe the ccna and mcse go alonside each other very nicely. but from there you can go onto so many fields/area's of IT.

    Which area are you heading in? i.e. networking, security? etc
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    CCNA is always a good recommendation for expanding your networking knowledge plus a lot of employers like to see Cisco knowledge on your resume. Another alternative is that you could look into getting your MCITP for Server 2008 to increase your marketability further down the road. Or you could look into Linux certifications to diversify your knowledge a bit more. At least around Phoenix I've been seeing employers looking for Linux experience in addition to the MCSE. The few I've interviewed with so far were impressed with seeing Linux experience on my resume.
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    Exchange Certificates
    Security Certificates (MCSE:S, CISSP, Etc...)
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    Firstly, congratulations on the MCSE.

    I'm in a similar situation to you, having just completed MCSE 2K3 and thinking about next steps.

    Given that I used Security+ as my elective, I decided that the next step would be to get some certs on applications - specifically Exchange.

    After that, my plan is:

    2K8 exams - might as well make a start

    Linux / LPI - since Linux is such a prevalent platform in my industry

    CCNA - as people have suggested - to complement MCSE

    All that should keep me busy for a while.
    -- Dan
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