ITIL General Overview

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I would like to share this information that has been gathered by various individuals in my company. I am sharing this information so others who want to pursue the ITIL certification would benefit from it and also learn its importance as a needed skill in IT management. Some of the information might be outdated but still useful. Most of the information is based on my studies for ITIL version 2. I'm sure I will be updating this as soon as I start studying for ITIL version 3.

Good luck everyone!!!

ITIL General Information
ITIL & ITSM Directory -
ITIL & SM - -
ITSM Watch -
C O P C -
Captive Insurance -
Cause Mapping -
Configuresoft -
Construx -
DCML Data Center Markup Language -
Depart of Trade & Industry -
Distributed Management Task Force -
DTI Quality -
Holocentric -
ILGRA Risk Assessment -
ManageOne -
META Group -
National Institute of Standards and Technology -
Ops Guides -
Outlook Exchange SLA -
Pultorak -
Root Cause Analysis -
SLA World -
Socitm Public -

ITIL Tools
ITIL Apollo 13 simulation -
Fox IT -
Help Desk Institute -
ITIL Tooling Page -,,19052_34829609,00.html?c=itil&n=redirect_url_07_05&t=ad

ITIL Training / Certification
Pink Elephant -
ITIL Exams -
Exin Exams for ITIL -

ITIL Articles,10801,90797,00.html

MOF Overview -
MOF Self-Assessl -
Improve Platform Manageability -
SMF Guides -
SMF Ops Guide Series -

ITIL Books
ITSM Books -

PodCasting ITIL

Maturity Assements Resources
Capability Maturity Model -
American Strategic Management Institute -
balanced scorecard collaborative -
Balanced Scorecard -
BS15000 -
Big Brother System -
Empresa SofHar Assessment -
COBRA - Security Risk Assessment, Security Risk Analysis and ISO 17799 - BS7799 -

Who's Blogging ITIL
History of ITSM and ITIL -

ITIL White Papers

ITIL Conferences



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    Thanks for sharing that info....looks like there's some good stuff here.
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    I'll cast a sticky vote as well. Great post!

    For anyone interested in a personal ITIL experience, be sure to check out eMeS's responses in his pass post here as well:
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    dynamik wrote:
    I'll cast a sticky vote as well. Great post!

    For anyone interested in a personal ITIL experience, be sure to check out eMeS's responses in his pass post here as well:

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    Awesome POST thank you for all the links I desperately wanted this information.
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    Another useful site is It provides you with a detailed overview of the latest version of ITIL, aligned to a case study. There is also an 80 page download report you can keep.

    (disclosure: it's my organisation that launched it, but we hope it will be useful for everyone)

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    Thanks for sharing the website, and this will be a great resource.

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    I am a new joiner to this forum ..i have 9+ years of IT experience and recently got PMP certified
    I want to add ITIL also to my kitty .Could someone please refer me to the best book for ITIL foundation certificate which can be easily downloadable from net ..i prefer in traditional learning so would like to take a printout of that PDF and would study it for 2-3 days
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    Another book to be added to this thread is the Itil Foundation Exam Study Guide written by myself (Liz Gallacher) and Helen Morris. It covers the complete current syllabus, and contains many extra practice questions. Available from Amazon
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    I've just written an article in conjunction with the ITIL owners, AXELOS, that answers some common training questions. I hope it's helpful.

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    Superb! Information and Thanks for sharing all the links.
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