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My friend from another college informed me of a course that she is attending and the qualification she was gaining is the European Computers Driving License /International Computer Driving License and i was thinking is it worth getting.. I am doing nothing in the mean time.. 17.. got A+ MCDST and it seems local and free.. opinions please.. Constructive criticism please..



http://www.ecdl.com/publisher/index.jsp << their page
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    If its free or cheap enough, why not. I usually hear about ECDL from office types who think they are really 'with it' on computers. They usually sprout some way-off dangerous knowledge and justify it with 'I think I did that on my course, Im doing the ECDL'. icon_rolleyes.gif

    Theres nothing wrong with the cert, dont get me wrong, it has value, its just the certain group of people who get it. They are usually the ones who thinks everyone should use this cool toolbar they use, installs it for everyone, then realises its malware. Oops, sorry!

    Youll find it easy cause you have the MCDST & specifically the IC3. Knock it out quickly and do the Vista MCP IMO.
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    nathan-fadernathan-fader Member Posts: 22 ■□□□□□□□□□

    You have a real good point, thanks your opinion is valued greatly.. I should of looked at the sample tests before posting it looks even easier than IC3 .. so if its around at the right time I will complete it in no time.
    Everyone Seems To Bully Me In This Forum.. Good Advice Thou...
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