Some jobs questions I need answered(very important)

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1. If you've never had an I.T but medicore jobs such as Security Guard, billing clerk, wharehouse clerk but have a degree in I.T (A.S) do you leave out these jobs and just focus on I.T even though you have no actual experience? Without any internships how do you structure a resume around a degree alone?

2. Are cover letters important when it comes to I.T


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    First, you should include some of your most recent work history, even non-IT related, to show other skills. List your degree, and if you can find an internship, that would help. Of course, a job is the main goal. Second, a cover letter is important for most "real" jobs, but not required. It can briefly explain who you are, what skills you offer, and what you can bring to the company. If you have no confidence in your resume, pay someone to do it for you. actually guarantees you'll get a job after they do your papers. How it works, I don't know, but if you give them your email, they send you junk everyday.
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    Experience counts, although IT experience is what really counts. You could try getting a position at a call center or something...and then quit after 4 months. Then look for another job at a position a bit higher than that (call center support or something).... and then just quit after a while.

    You would then probably look for a job you'd like to work in for one year. Then bit by bit; all these bits and pieces will gather up neatly in your resume under "Experiences". icon_wink.gif
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