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tonight at work we had a maintenance to swap out a module is a 6500 chassis with 6 modules.
We were upgrading module 2 from a WS-X6348 to a WS-X6548-GE-45AF.

The chassis setup premaintenance module order
1. sup2
2. WS-X6348
3. WS-X6348
4. WS-X6348
5. WS-X6348
6. WS-X6348

We started by swapping out module 3 from a WS-X6348 to the WS-X6548-GE-45AF
the status light came on and it powered up fine. Before we were about the put the cat5 cables back in place, our shift-lead radioed us that we replaced the wrong module (reasons for this i will not get into in this post)

heres where the fun begins
we pulled out the new "6548" from 3, and put the old "6348" back in module 3
no status light, no power?

pull out old "6348" after trying to reseat it, gave up, and left mod 3 open

pull out old "6348" from module 2, and put the new "6548" in module 2
"6548" powers up and status light is good.

put the old "6348" from module 2 in module 3 space
now both new "6548" in mod 2 and the old mod2 "6348" in module 3 have no status light and no power

so we ended up with
1. sup 2
2. WS-X6548-GE-45AF (no power)
3. WS-X6348 (no power) (originally in module 2)
4. WS-X6348
5. WS-X6348
6. WS-X6348

I know this is a long and possibly confusing post but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    were you doing this hotswap or powered down (hopefully during a change window)?

    The hotswap feature may be very sensitive for the lighthearted, you can not insert and pull the modules too quick nor too slow.

    Also, the 6548 module you inserted is a PoE blade, are you sure your chassis and power supply can support that?

    Both of the above may be reasons for why your module 3 is not operating at the moment.
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    Does 6 modules in a 6500 make it a 6506? Or a 6509 with 6 modules? etc

    Since the fun did begin, you should probably just Troubleshoot a Module That Does not Come On Line or Indicates faulty or other Status.... assuming you're running IOS.

    That doc takes you though some obvious stuff -- like is that supported hardware for the software release.
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    thanks for the info

    yes this was done as a hot swap, the maintenance window was for 1 hour.
    Also the chassis is a 6506, it has 6 module slots not 9.
    It has redundant power supplies on the bottom of the chassis

    I also believe this switch is running catos (i cannot verify this because the shift lead had ssh'ed in from our NOC). But all of our access level 6500's as far as I know still run catos.

    it is set up as an access switch and as such it does not need to perform any routing.

    note: i am the lowest man on the totem pole where i work. So, I would not be the person to trouble shoot this issue at all. But I am just really curious about possible causes.
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    found out today that it was an incompatibility between the catos version on the sup2 and the new module.

    Went back and upgraded the catos version to a more current release and all the modules including the new one are working as they should now.
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