SONET, ATM, and Frame Relay - HELP!

charwellcharwell Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi everybody! This is the best tech forum I have ever used...I owe it so much!

I dare to ask: Could somebody offer me a concise and powerful definition of each of these guys listed in the subject line...I've got a textbook on this stuff, yet I'm not getting any real world scenarios, just a definition for provisioning.

I'm studying constantly right now, so I might answer my own question, but, nonetheless, your opinions really help out. Using microsoft.com, help files, and this forum helped me to ace the OS part of the a+ exam this morning.

P.S. Any insights would be great too! I know that more than a few geniuses hanging around this website.

Tkx, charwell


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