Need help! BSOD at startup.

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Ok so I have a laptop that's giving me the BSOD before getting into XP.

It flashes too fast for me to see what it says.

Is there something I can do to enable it to stop restarting a second after giving me BSOD? I can't get into XP so that rules out any solutions that involve being in XP.

Thanks for looking!


  • undomielundomiel Member Posts: 2,818
    F8, select disable automatic reboots, that well let you see what the error is.
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    Way too vague and there are way too many things to try that a single post can't help you with. But I'll try anyway. Pull the hard drive and back the data up now if you can before proceeding. I am going to assume you are trying to save the installation of Windows?

    Did you install an new soft/hardware? Did Windows Install any updates? Undo them, I would recommend trying last known configuration see if that flies. After that, Safe mode, see if that flies. If neither one are working, a Windows solution is then out.

    Then try these, in an order that makes sense to you. I normally start with the hard drive as they go bad more than any other component, at least for me...

    1) Run a hard drive diag with IBM/Hitachi's DFT, if it passes run check disk from Bart PE or the Windows disc.
    2) Memory scan using mem86, Vista has one of these on the DVD which is nice.
    3) scan for malware using bart pe, mcafee and trend make good command line scanners that are free. Note that is Bart PE is running, chances are the rest of your comp is fine. If bart PE won't load you might have a mobo or perhipheral problem. Goto #7.
    4) Run a repair install of XP.
    5) Run a paralell install of XP
    6) Still no go, format/reinstall windows
    7) Strip the system to it's bareness and install windows on a blank HD. Swap parts if needed.
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    let us know how it goes!
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    Well screw this! I'm trying to repair it and there's an admin password that my friend doesn't know. Can anyone close and delete this thread?
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    What's password protected? Windows? The BIOS?
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    I would say if you can get into safe mode run mmc then event viewer and see if the logs contain any clues as to what is happening.

    Failing that run a Ubuntu live cd and see if everything is stable,

    Memtest the Machine,

    Run a Anti Virus and Spyware check on the computer,

    Have you installed any drivers, software, new programs recently?
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    If it's the windows administrator password there are a few Linux distros which have tools for revealing and changing passwords.
    Microsoft's strategy to conquer the I.T industry

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    Sometimes you can pause|break on those screens.
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