I'm baaaaack!

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Hello everyone,

Well, I have been on a two month hiatus studying for my Security+ examination. I passed!! So now I can get back on the CCNP train! Oh CCNP how I missed thee. icon_cool.gif

The Security+ exam was no joke. For real. I have a new found respect for people that study security. I doubt that anyone remembers, but my employer for the new job I started two months ago requires that you get this within six months. So now that that is done and out of the way. :)

I plan to rewatch my BSCI and BCMSN videos from beginning to end over the weekend. Then on to ONT. I just want to refresh the RAM in my brain. Being out of the Cisco world for two months is just too long.....


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    Good to have you back, bro.

    And yeah, the Sec+ was a tricky one. Have you considered doing the ISCW next? Could be some overlap with your new-found security knowledge.

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    Congratulations on the Security+ icon_thumright.gif

    And welcome back to the Cisco world! icon_study.gif
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    Welcome back

    Security+ is a good cert to have

  • optimusoptimus Member Posts: 183
    Nah, going to roll with ONT before ISCW, main reason being that the Trainsignal video is already out for ONT and not ISCW yet. Can you believe it? But it is going to be released sometime this quarter.

    I already have all my ONT materials, so I am ready to rollll! icon_twisted.gif
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    Welcome back to the Cisco side of things :D

    I'm keen on getting my Sec+ as well later on down the track..... Good stuff for getting it out of the way!!!

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    Congrats on passing the Security+ optimus.

    Five years ago I had worked as an admin in the PKI world, and bought and read two Security+ prep books so I can come up to speed on the InfoSec world, but was too chicken to take the exam back then. A few months ago, I took 6 weeks to review and re-read the exam material (from Oreilly's latest A+,Net+,Sec+ in a Nutshell book) and passed it well.

    I am curious, did you pass the CompTIA exams in the same order that they are listed under your name (profile) ?

    Also, I am now on the Cisco route also (CCNA/MP+SP), and plan on taking CCENT (ICND1) in less than three months ....
    any nuggets of wisdom and helpful hints ?

    (I am still a novice to the CBT/video based training. I like using books, because I can write in them, mark them, and have them handy on a shelf for future references).
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    optimus wrote:
    I just want to refresh the RAM in my brain.

    You mean it is not in flash? :Dicon_wink.gif

    Welcome back and congrats on the Security +!
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    Welcome back mate...good to see back on the boat :D
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    optimus wrote:
    I just want to refresh the RAM in my brain

    Why not run a "copy run start" instead of refreshing the RAM? icon_lol.gif
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    congrats on the pass and good luck!
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  • optimusoptimus Member Posts: 183
    Thanks everyone.

    ROMGabe - I took A+, then Network+, and now this Security+. I took them as I felt I needed them. I really don't think that there is any particular order you need to take them in.

    For CCNA I would concentrate on four areas (and for CCNP also):

    1. Good books. Get good books. At least three, and read them well. Take notes. Use a highlighter if you have too.

    2. CBT. Computer based videos. I like Trainsignal (Chris Bryant). CBT Nuggets is also good. It is important to have an instructor (a teacher), and CBT is good. These two companies make good videos, and I think it is better than live instructions because you can watch it as much as you like. You can't "rewind" a real classroom.

    3. Get some equipment. I would recommend Layer 3 switches, and get some routers. Cisco 2620s or better. Your gonna need a 100Mb interface on those routers for VLANs. Learn how to use the stuff. Connect them. Look into Dynamips to expand you studies.

    4. Questions. Practice questions. Find them. Do them. The Flashcards book is good.
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