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The learnkey course consists of 4 disks with 4 sessions on each disk. There is a 20 question pre-test and a 35 answer post test to each session. The presenter is Cameron Hunt who is ex US Army and has a reasonable style of presentation (at least I haven't fallen asleep like I have with some of the other presenters).
I have not viewed the written material my training centre is providing, but I will give an evaluation as I am fronted with the materials. I will then review everything as I complete it. Being a guinea pig for Sec+ training here I am more interested in passing the course than posting high scores. As I am also writing an evaluation for the training establishment as I go I feel that if I score somewhere in the middle between pass/fail I will have achieved my goal and hopefully my study notes and guide will assist following students to scores that will ace mine easily icon_smile.gif
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