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i have done ccna i want to do ccsp whic has 6 papers can i pick any one of the 6 or do i have to go by the order pls i need help any one


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    You need to pass 5 exams for the CCSP -- and those can be taken in any order you feel comfortable with. Some people like to do the "easy exams" first. Other people like to do the exam(s) they have work experience with first. Some people like to do the "new stuff" first.

    The CCNA is a prerequisite for the CCSP, so it does make sense to pass the CCNA exam before attempting the CCSP (or any other Professional Level exams) -- but you can take any Cisco Exam (except the CCIE Lab Exam) at any time in any order you want.

    Since you have the CCNA, spend some time looking at the CCSP Exam Blueprints/topics and decide which order you'd like to take the exams.

    Everyone takes the first 4 exams -- SND SNRS SNPA IPS

    Then you pick one more exam from HIPS CANAC MARS for your 5th exam. Again, people may pick the one they think is easiest. Or they may pick the one that they need to learn for work. Or they may pick the one that seems the most interesting.

    Check out the CCSP FAQ for more information and links.
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