Passed...have a story too

Well to start this post off I will let you all know that yes I did pass the exam with an 850 :D

But's the story.

I left my apartment at about 8:45 assuming that I would get to the testing center at about 9:00 and be able to sit a little early as I usually do being that I have class at 12:30.

So I leave my apartment, and get on the highway (which leads into downtown Pittsburgh) and a 15 minute drive turns into a 45 minute drive because of biggie.

So I get to the testing center, and a guy is sitting in the waiting room with a very stearn look on his face and he is a little red in the face with nervousness.

My further observations led me to understand that the testing center was having problems with the Prometric software crashing...yes it crashed on the poor man as he was halfway through 70-291.

I immediately felt sympathy for him (who wouldn't) but my next thought was that I really didn't want that to happen to me. So I waited for them to restart the Prometric computers so I could take the test.

At 10:00 am (30 minutes after my appointment) I sat to take the test.

Thankfully I made it through the entire exam with no problems, and the guy was able to re-take his test about 15 minutes after I began mine so best wishes to him.

Another horror story about Prometric I guess...but thankfully I passed and to all of you who experience problems with test taking, we all feel for you and best of luck.

I want to thank all of you for your support as I have taken my exams, and I am onto 70-294 as I only have 3 left for my MCSE.

See y'all in the 294 forum.


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