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Hello all!
I just finished my CCNA Thursday and I cant decide what to do next. I'm about three semesters from graduating college so my goal is to get the best combination of certs for my resume.

So the question is, should I spend about the next year studying for the various CCNP tests or just opt for a MCSA? I've already taken the 70-620 (vista) so I guess I'm three tests away from a MCSA. On the other hand, I've got a decent Cisco lab put together and I'd hate for it to just sit there.
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    CCNP will give you the better chance of getting a job if you want to focus in Cisco stuff. If you want to get more into Microsoft, many jobs will want an MCSE. If you want to get into Microsoft, I would do the MCSA and continue going for the MCSE.
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    It depends on what path you want to take. But I think if you are anyway at all familiar with Server 2003 then you should take MCSA with a view to working towards MCSE.

    You could gain each MCSA exam in 3 weeks of hard study (thats each) if you are familiar with it.
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    It really depends what you want to do, the job that a MCSA or MCSE would do is (usually) quite different than a CCNP.
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    Depends what you're into. I'm heading the CCNP CCVP route, as i don't wan't to be doing the same micrsoft bollocks moving forward.
    But it will probably be easier getting system engineer kind of roles with MCSE/CCNA Than full network engineer roles with CCNP.
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    It seems today most employers want you to be well rounded. While my job as a jr. network engineer deals mostly with routers/switches. I do occasionally have to configure Windows Servers. While the more advanced items are taking care of by the Windows Admins, dealing with the OS is still part of my job. I would recommend at least going for the MCSA so you'll have a Windows OS cert and depending on your schedule, that can be knocked out within 6 months. Maybe after that, you can shoot for the CCNP or another cert like the A+ or Security+.
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