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Hi all,

I passed the Oracle Database 10g: Administration I exam today to earn my OCA certification. Resources used were ORACLE DATABASE 10G OCP Certification All-in-One Exam Guide (by John Watson and Damir Bersinic) and the Transcender practice exam.

Unfortunately, as I was sitting in the Prometric lobby, I realized that they have my wrong address on file, my former address from more than a year ago. As soon as I got home I corrected it on the Prometric website, but now I am wondering if they will send the certification to the right place or not. Has this happened to anybody else?


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    i have not had any experience with oracle, but other certifications like comptia and ms, they usually just send you an email with account information, you log into their website then confirm your address before they send you anything
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    Yeah, they'll most likely e-mail you first before sending anything.
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    That would be great... I've also emailed both Oracle and Prometric, so hopefully they won't send the certificate to the wrong address.
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    Either you'll be able to change it before they send out the cert-package, or you'll have to have it re-sent after it goes to the wrong address and is sent back. The third possibility is that you'll get the package in the mail with one of those yellow "NOTIFY SENDER OF FORWARDING ADDRESS" stickers on it. I wouldn't worry too much, your certification status is recorded with Prometric and Oracle, and not solely dependent on the piece of paper they send you.

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    Hey... just figured I'd update anyone who was interested. After emailing Oracle they told me that they were backlogged but that they had my correct address on file. I eventually got my Oracle cert in the mail with no problems at the correct address. They even sent it in between two pieces of cardboard so that it wouldn't get bent. (Always a potential problem with CompTIA certs.)
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