Windows Vista SP2 ?

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Anyone know what is on Microsoft roadmap for the next 18 months regarding OS's ??

Will they come up with a ServicePack 2 for Vista ?


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  • hettyhetty Member Posts: 394
    Flip a coin if you expect to see Windows 7 in the next 18 months.

    Service Pack 2 for Vista? I wouldnt be surprised if there wasnt one.
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    I'm going to go with 2011 or later for the next version of Windows. XP hasn't even been discontinued yet, and Vista isn't nearly as bad as people make it sound (I actually like it and haven't had problems on a dozen+ machines). Even if it's slated for 2010, it'll invariably slip icon_lol.gif

    There will definitely be a second service pack, and possibly a third. XP was actually a bit unorthodox in some of the functionality that was included with some of the service packs. They're often just a group of updates, not additional features.

    Service packs exist to consolidate updates. As long as they keep having updates, they'll keep having service packs. It's a pain to download a hundred updates and reboot several times each time you install a new machine.
  • hettyhetty Member Posts: 394
    OK after a search (Windows lifecycle, XP support, Vista support), we might have a SP2 for Vista. As Vista SP1 is only supported until February 2010, but mainstream Vista support is until April 2012. But after that, I think client service packs will disappear. I still think we will see server & server application service packs though.

    Now that Vista is HAL independent, maintaining and deploying a single fully configured image with all of the updates already installed is the way to go. The fact that you are hearing about reboot-loops with XP SP3 as well as issues with Vista SP1 and most probably with a Vista SP2, makes me think that the client OSs wont have service packs in future. It creates chaos for everyone involved and youve probably downloaded most of the updates already anyway. It also distorts deployment schedules for new Windows releases.

    My guess for Windows 7, late 2009 to early 2010. And it will never have a service pack.
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