291 + 293 for me

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Well, I had a somewhat disapointing experience with the 291 and 293, scoring a 778 and 760 respectfully. I'd expect more from myself, but since I've never done less then 3 MS exams at once, I guess I can't expect too much from myself. It was hard trying to figure out what to study for the week before the tests since I had so much to study for. I also did 622 as well, which I posted in the Vista forums.

291 -
I didn't get anything on security templates, MBSA, RRAS policies, authentication protocols, Kerberos, or routing protocols. There was a great deal of DNS, DHCP, WSUS, IPSec, VPN, and performance/network monitoring questions. - Dynamik
I used this as the list of things to go over again the last week before my exam. I did recall getting a question or two relating to MBSA and security templates. I didn't have much on WSUS. I also felt the exam was a bit narrowed as did Dynamik, I was expecting a bit more of a variety of questions. 1 Sim that was rediculously easy and should have been put in 290 or something. Drag and drops of course.

293 - Unfortunately, seemed like 291 part duex. I don't recall many differences between the two other then Certificates of course. Maybe I should have taken 622 in between them so I have an obvious divider. 2 Sims here, not stupid ones fortunately. This seemed to have a lot of scenarios where you had to figure a bunch of server roles and various network configurations using a drag and drop type of interface, I swear I had like 6 or 7 of those.

I can't really offer much advice or tips for these as they seemed like one test for me. As everyone has said, taking these two close together is a smart Idea. I definately agree, take these as close together as you can. If you're just getting an MCSA, consider taking 93 as well just for @#^@^ and giggles.
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    Might I say congrats!

    I don't know how you can sit through multiple microsoft tests like that. I have a hard time sitting through just ONE. icon_wink.gif I start to get anxious and think about where the nearest Dairy Queen is.
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    Thats insane. As dry and irrelevant as most of the 291 material is, I have to give you props.
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    Thanks for the Grats guys.

    I have somewhat of an ego when it comes to taking tests and it hurts it when I'm not getting above 800...

    I forgot to mention that 293 had a bit of clustering, and that was my worst area by far. Around 30% on the bar on my score report.

    I feel 291 is fairly relevant for the most part. Except for RRAS, which is useless seing as I have yet to see a Windows RRAS in actual use.
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