CISSP Credits by getting MCSE 2003

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Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a little guidance on the proper selections when filing some CPEs.

I recently completed a mind bending bootcamp to complete my MCSE 2003.
Here is the break down:
3 weeks
Monday - Saturday
icon_eek.gif 8am to 8pm Instructor Teach PLUS 3 hours a night of self study
Took 6 required exams (70-270, 70-290, 70-291, 70-293, 27-294, 70-29icon_cool.gif PLUS 1 elective (OCS) and 1 extra (Vista)

Assuming that:
1) I took 3 hours to eat (1 hr/dinner, 1 hr/lunch, 4 15 minute breaks), it was about 12 hrs a day.
2) The exams (2 per week) took the equivelent of a day reduces the # f days/week to 5.

Should I include the exam time too??? :D

Then, 5x12x3 = 180 HRS. (again, not including exam time)

What is the best way to applied these to the CISSP CPE web page?
The MCSE targets MANY aspects of the 10 domains. Should I apply the 180 hours to "Other Type A"??

Would this type of work be Type-A(Direct Domain)? or Type-B (Continuing Ed)?
My plan is to go back to complete the MCSE: Security Concentration later and then go for the Enterprise 2008 upgrade Exams.

ANY suggestions or experiences is greatly appreciated!! icon_lol.gif



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    If the vendor giving the bootcamp is a Trusted CPE Provider, the CPEs will be submitted to the (ISC)2 on your behalf. If not, you should contact the (ISC)2 directly and ask.
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    Thanks JDMurray.

    I had to contact ISC2 to talk to the folks that manage the CPEs.

    They recommended that I carefully consider the applicability of each component of the bootcamp and file type A or Type B credits based on each exam taken during the bootcamp AND how long I spent inclass and studying for each exam along the way.

    So since the XP, Vista and OCS exams were all product and configuration based, they were Type B (Continuing Ed) Class room training.
    On the otherhand, there were strong ties to the 10 CISSP domains in the othe 5 exams which I was able to apply to the Type A (Multiple Domains) Classroom training.

    Because the study time in the evenings was a requirement of the class course description, that time did not have to be separately documented. Normally, selfstudy would have to be documented as individual records.

    In the end it all equated to 156 hours of lecture and study time for the 3 week bootcamp.

    NOTE: I did not include the time for actually taking the 8 exams or time spent eating lunch/dinner/class breaks - not even the time spent in the corner of the class in fetal position screaming "It's too much, I can't take it! Arghhh!!!!" icon_eek.gif

    Be sure that you read the online requirements for CPEs on the ISC2 member site (private to members). They will ask you that before answering any questions by phone. Also, there is a small link on the online form to submit credit details. It elaborates on additional details for each CPE type. I found that to be the most helpful reference.

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    CPEs are a bit tricky to decypher the language they use on ICS2 site can be a bit odd.

    Personally I had an MCSE before CISSP, so i have been getting a lot of CPEs by writting articals and self study.
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