questions concerning Novell/Netware and MacOSX?

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I am new to this very informative site. I will be taking the Network+ test soon. I have an A+ cert already and I have been studying for the last 3 months for the Network+. After reading a lot of the posts it seems like the test has a lot of Novell/Netware and MacOSX questions on it. My question is where do I find very good information on Novell/Netware and MacOSX. I have the ExamCram Network+ study guide and I downloaded the PDF from this site which I have found that both are very helpful. However I have looked into other book i.e Mike Meyers Passport and other network+ related books and it seems every book that I reviewed or that I read a review about noted that there is very limited info on Novell/Netware and the MacOSX in those books that would help an individual pass the Network+ test.

Basically I just want to pass this test and I want to know where to find the best Novell/Netware and MacOSX info that will help me find this test! icon_sad.gif


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    I strongly recommend Sybex book if ur going to study for the N+, the technotes here also is well versed. Sybex is quite getting deep esp about Network Operating Systems and helped me alot to prepare for the exam, I didn't take the exam yet but about to in 2 days hopefuly in the God will. also try [url], it has a lot of useful articles, almost everything u'll find there.

    Here are some some link that will really much help u on Mac, however it doesn't cover much about what we need with Netware.

    Mac :

    Netware :

    Wish u luck bro.
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    Yes, the amount of NT4, MacOS, Linux and Novell on the Network+ was very odd. Get a couple Net+ books. But aside from that grab the for dummies book for EACH OS you are expected to know. So linux, mac, NT4, 2000 and Novell. Since these are outdated OSs you libraries should have them if not see if they can get them from other libraries.

    Net+ doesn't require the detail most tests do, but know how to make a network share, add/update/remove users, set up a print server and make a dial up server for each platform. And then you'll have the hands on time you need.

    So really Net+ is a pretty big project. But a weekend with each OS should be enough.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you guys very much I will go to the recommended websites as suggested. If you or anybody else has any other info in the future on theNT4 and MacOSXOS's please feel free to post for me. Also I am going to look into the Sybex book. I do have one question for you two guys and anyone else. Is there any other focus of concern on the Net+ I should worry about. icon_confused.gif:
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    Focus in the troubleshooting part in the objectives, they will really enjoy asking u questions in this domain.
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