70-622................ Yahoooooooo TWO MS exams now WOW

Don 79 TADon 79 TA Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
I passed it today
988 was the score

i never crammed so hard in my life to squeeze this one in.
passed 620 Monday
622 today

waiting to get the books for 290 and 291...
i can't believe i got off my fat a$$ and applied myself towards these
i have no idea why i waited so long
proper prep and hands on, it's not that bad, ok at least so far it's not

exchange and sms, ok, outta my league as i have minimal hands on

if anyone is gonna give these exams a shot... go for it
don't wait

i mean WOW as in yeahhhh awesome not as in W.O.W... althought it is a WOW day LOL


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