Mounted Drives to a folder in a dual boot

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Alright, this question is probably not on the 70-290 but it is a Transcender question I'll sum up.

Dual boot XP/2003 system. If you mount drive g to f as a folder under 2k3 then boot into Windows XP will that folder still direct you drive g or will there be problems?

How about if you extended the drive over? Would you be able to import it as a foreign disk in the XP system?

I guess I'll fire up a VM on this one unless one of you gets back to me first

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    I've noticed nobody has commented on this one yet so I'm going to take a shot at it. No VMs available for me to test on so I would still recommend testing it out to be sure. The mount points should be local to the OS installation since all the mount points are kept in the registry and you aren't sharing a registry between the two OSs. As for the extended drive well what you would see as a foreign disk is not a partition but an actual physical disk. When you import the new physical disk then you would see the partitions available on it. If it is not a new drive but the physical drive that XP is already installed on then you should already see the proper partitioning scheme for that.

    Again, I'm not an expert on this so I would recommend testing it out. I'm curious to know if I'm correct so I may double check when I get home if I remember. I really need to get cracking on the 291 though!
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    I just wanted to follow up with what I learned by running this in a VM.

    I installed XP to C: and 2003 to D:.

    While in 2003 created and formatted a E: drive, created a new volume from disk management and mounted to a folder called "e:\test"

    I placed some files both in the E: and the mounted folder and rebooted to XP. Once in XP I suddenly had a F: ! In there were the files I had placed into my mounted folder. On my E: drive I found the folder, but when clicked on it would say the target path could not be found. SOOO I was able to use the mounted folder and retrieve data but could not mount it as a folder in the other OS.

    Hope that helps the next guy!
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