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Good morning,

I'm looking for some feed back and I was wondering if someone might be able to help as well. I only been at my current job for 1 year and I do very little security, the most I do here security wise is working with disk encryption for laptops. I currently have my Security + cert and I have experience in wireless encryption, digital cetificates, network permissions, IDS, network monitoring, VPN (IPSec) at other jobs. Any chance they might let me take the test? Would I have to have my old jobs write the letter for me? Any help would be apprecaited.

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    You're going to have to hit two years of some experience. What did you do before?

    I called and asked them if I would qualify. I setup and currently maintain a domain environment for about 30 users, and they said that I shouldn't have a problem qualifying for the exam. You have to fill out some paperwork and get your employer/manager to back it up. They don't seem to be nearly as rigid as ISC^2.
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    This job I have now, I don't do anything with security, the only thing I have done related is testing disk encryption for laptops. Prior to that, I was a jr network admin. I did permissions (in AD), WP2 on Cisco WAPs, VPN. Befor that, I worked for the military with digital signatures, malware/spyware, IDS, VPN, account verification, classified spillage.
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    Contact them and see what they say. Your best bet is to call. They've never responded to the few emails I sent them.
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    Not to diss dynamik but I have had good luck with e-mailing them.

    Plus you might have more security experience than you think. Have you ever done anything with a firewall?

    What about account administration?

    ACLs, VLANS, switches can be used for network segregation and protection.

    I bet you have used ssh and other secure protocols.

    Have you ever done any packet captures or anything like that?

    Those are all security related things.

    Sure it doesn't mean your a security pro, but security involves a lot of different things.

    Listen to dynamik, call them up and (or e-mail) and see what they have to say.
    encrypt the encryption, never mind my brain hurts.
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    I have little experience in IDS, configuring firewalls, port security (on cisco switches) and on and on. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I'll email EC and see what they say. Thanks everyone.

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    I e-mailed Haja directly with the same question. I briely went over my experience and he said "Submit the Application" and we will consider it. I submitted it and was accepted within two weeks. So far I have only communicated it them by e-mail and have gotten quick responses. For me I was able to use several different areas of my experience, but ended up submitted it for my experience in Database Experience since it was easiest to get the letter for.

    Good Luck.
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