Easier to do 70-270 first?

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I'm starting on my MCSA in two weeks after I (hopefully) pass the Sec+ exam.
I've already got a book to use for the 2003 server exams, plus I ordered a trial of Server 2003 from Microsoft for the labs.
Is it much more difficult to do the server exams first, as opposed to doing 70-270 first?


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    I took 70-270 first, it was good for me b/c I had never taken a Microsoft test before so it was good to learn the format. They're different from other tests like CompTIA or Cisco. At my job we call them more "English tests" than technical tests. When I took 290 i got a higher score on 290 than i did on 270 just b/c I learned how to "read" into the questions. Just my experience w/ good 'ol Microsoft tests.

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