Microsoft Certification Policy Change !!

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Not sure if this is already old news but I just got this in my mailbox today and though it was pretty cool. Looks like Microsoft changed it's mind about putting a end of life on their new certs.

"In response to customer feedback, Microsoft has eliminated the requirement to recertify, or refresh, your MCITP or MCPD certification every three years. This is good news for you; there is no action required to maintain the certifications you hold today."


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    I got the same thing in my email today. I have heard about this before so it is old news. Not sure why Microsoft is sending out emails about it again. Maybe just a reminder I guess.
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    Does this apply to MCTS certification also?
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    What was the message in detail?
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    Yup, I've heard about this as well. I think it's mentioned on Trika's blog, among a few other places. They'll still retire the certification, (meaning it'll be taken off your transcript,) once the technology is no longer supported. And, from what I understand, if you obtain an MCITP-level certification, you don't need to do the PRO exams over when you upgrade, you only need to do the required MCTS or an MCTS-level upgrade exam. They don't need you to upgrade your design/management skills, only the technology-specific stuff.

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