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I would like to take this test in a few weeks. I was just wanting to know form all who have taken it, what areas should I focus on the most?


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    Go over the exam objectives and make sure you know all of that of course. Get down and dirty with back ups and restores. Make sure you're familiar with the basics of managing AD and groups and accounts and applying GPOs. Know your NTFS and Share permissions. Finally make sure you know performance monitoring. Got all of that down? Then you should be good. Don't forget to mess around in the labs! Hands on experience knows best.
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  • wheelywheely Member Posts: 105
    Thanks for the quick reply undomiel.
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    wheely, since you have a few weeks to go before the exam, install vmware so that you can play around with the machines and really see stuff happening in front of you. It's much better to have real machines before you than just doing the exercises from the books. If you havent already, install a member server and an XP client although you might get by with just the member server.

    Adding to what undomiel said, make sure you know backups and permissions inside out. I know a few people that have taken this exam who said that they were hit head-on with backup questions. One of them said she had 6-8 SUS questions too icon_rolleyes.gif But everyone's exam is different so you really dont know what's going to be dished out to you...

    Keep yourself focussed and you should be right. A few weeks should be enough time to finish this one off. Good luck!!
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