cd burning trouble.

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I'm burning all of my brother's files from this computer onto cd-r's. The burning was going just fine, I finished about 15 cds, but then I ran into trouble. I talked to my oldest bro, and he said to look up some forum with people who are a+ certified, because that's where I'll find the people who can help me out...

I am using windows XP, so I drag the files from his D drive onto the F drive, to copy, then I click "burn these files to cd."

The windows cd burning wizard asks me to name the cd, I do that, then it starts burning, and after a few minutes, an error message pops up stating that "There was an error while burning this cd. The cd may no longer be usable. What would you like to do with the files? save, delete... ... ..."

I tried over then, with the same batch of files (mp3s) and the same thing happened. It does ruin the cdr. So then I moved on to the next batch of files, and it worked fine.

Until it happened again, with a later set of files (again mp3s).

I moved on to a bunch of programs compressed with winace, and the first folder failed. Then the second one worked. Then the third failed. I've wasted 5 cds...So that's when i talked to my bro, and now I'm here.

Does anyone have some ideas of what I can try doing to remedy this?

In the device manager it says the f-drive is the "IDE-CD R/RW 4x4x24" if that helps...

I'm burning the files as data files. Most of the time, it works. Then, for some files, it just doesn't work. the file extension doesn't seem to matter, as mp3s work one time then the next they don't. The .ace files are really the most important ones for burning, but I just really don't know what would be going on.

Thanks in advance for the help,



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    The burner drive should have come with some software to burn with, most do. Check the driver disk, it may be on that somewhere. I have a TDK burner, and it came with Nero5.5, which is easy, and gives me no trouble. Your trouble is probably just Windows being Windows, not cooperative 100% of the time.
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    You can d/l a free trial version (working) of nero here
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    As others pointed out the first thing you should do is get yourself some authoring software and stop using the built software with Windows. :) Most likely your problems will disapepar.

    Nero is an excellent choice.
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    First thing that comes to mind is that your burner is kind of old. Meaning that it might not have what other CD burners now have... "BURN PROOF" mechanism. Please list us your system specs for a better analysis.

    So you might be encountering a buffer underrun problem. Are you doing any other things while making this CD?

    And I also recommend to try it with Nero.
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    Lets see...

    This is my brother's computer, but I'll see what I can find.

    He did tell me that he's burned many many many cds with this burner.

    It says in the general system properties:

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional,
    version 2002,
    service pack 1


    intel pentium III
    497 MHz
    320 MB of RAM

    I think the burner is this:

    IDE-CD R/RW 4x4x24

    I generally am not doing anything else when burning. There are 40 Gigs total on the hard drives, with about 20% of that free space.

    And when I started running into trouble, I made sure to try it while running no other applications.

    I will try Nero, when i get a few free hours to download. I'm on a 56k modem's...not very fast....

    Thanks for the help so far.

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    Ok dood - follow the above suggestion about downloading Nero - or you can use any one of many burning programs, however you need to tweak it a little.
    The built in software for XP is probably burning at too fast of a rate for MP3s and that will more than likely be the reason for your failures. With any of the aftermarket software they should set your default burn speed at 4x - however to ensure that you don't end up with lots of coasters bring that back to 2x and it should solve the issue.
    Soon as your brother can afford it I would suggest a new burner and it should not be an issue.
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