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ok, i am building up a W network for this small company building..
and umm, I was wondering if it is possible to connect wireless repeater to another repeater...

here is the structure that I am working on:

Router ---> ROOT AP ---> W Reapter ---> W Repeater

---> means connected with

let me know what you guys think..


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    depends on what do you mean by small?

    one floor? any measurements of the building?

    because you can centralize your AP and cut out one of the repeaters .
    Then it depends on if you plan on having laptops in there aswell?

    what standard are you running ieee 802.11 v or g ?

    about how many computers? are you allowing for future growth aswell? like regular cabling you have to deal with bandwidth allowance.

    personally i wouldnt use dummy repeaters, linksys has alot of different wireless switches that are better equiped and safer for your network. Not many wireless networks are safe, but most people try to use WEP keys only which is not a good idea. Depends on what you run i would get security certificates maybe from M$. I believe cisco has some good AP and switches(that depends on how much money you have to spend)

    anyway, you can do it with that router->AP-> repeat->repeat

    good luck
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    let me repeat the questions..
    my question is, is it possible to connect wireless repeater to another repeater (Linksys V.2) and yes it is G, but i am using mixed mode.

    and its just for a small company that we are going to use web key(though it wont help much) and MAC filter..
    I am not worried about security, but I tried to connect from Repeater A to Repeater B.
    and Repeater B just cannot recognize/identify Repeater A

    thats where I am stuck at right now..
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    well the reason for my saying all of that is, you really dont need two repeaters in some situations, hence all the questions. I would try to configure around the two repeater deal.

    i have done something similiar before for a semi-small lawyers office but only with cisco switches though. Im pretty sure linksys can handle that.

    well the thing with it not finding it is because its a dummy device it has no way of sourcing out what is what. It just passes the signal along, that is why i said if you want to do that i suggest wireless switches.

    If anything it will only "see" the AP or router from which all the traffic is coming from. How it passes along from Repeater A to Repeater B is none of its concern.
    I am going for broke, and i love every minute of it.
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    kicker22 wrote:
    Router ---> ROOT AP ---> W Reapter ---> W Repeater
    When I see a diagram like this, the first thing I think of is to try and get rid of the repeaters by using directional, high-gain antennas for the communications between the the root bridge and non-root bridge(s), like this:

    ROUTER ON WIRED NETWORK <---> Root Bridge <---> Non-root bridge <---> AP(s) <---> Wireless clients


    ROUTER ON WIRED NETWORK <---> Root Bridge <---> Non-root bridge <---> ROUTER ON WIRED NETWORK
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