STUB networks what this mean?

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Hey cisco nutz

what is a stub network? I can never get a good answer to what this is.
when people talk of stub networks?


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    hope this is of some use

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    so i guess it is kind of subnet with no backdoor just traffic goes out whence it came from.

    I get confused to between subnet ID and network ID t ome they are both the same
    but there has to be a desctinction somehow..

    SUbnet ID and and Network ID what you think about these two? any distinctions??

    what say a subnet ID is area between (subnet) two devices connected together and a nework id details (subnet) a subnet off of a stub? i get it just fuzzy ;)
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    There are three parts...Network id, subnet id, and host id. It would be like this and somebody correct me if i'm wrong.

    Network id: 192.168

    subnet id: 2

    host id: 2
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    so what is the difference between subnet and network id?

    I do know the positions thanks

    but you know people say subnet and network id interchangeably dont they?

    i didnt say it right the first time..

    i agree with your id statements. I just need clarifications on

    Subnet and network id
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    I believe this should explain it better....

    IP and TCP Internet Protocol (IP) is responsible for addressing and routing packets of data between networks. Each unique IP address contains three parts: the network ID, the subnet ID, and the host ID. To revisit the postal metaphor, the first five digits of your zip code would be like the network ID, the subnet ID would be the last four zip code digits (with which the post office can pinpoint your block), and your house number would be like the host ID, the identifier for a particular machine. Internet routers reference databases of IP addresses like the post office references zip codes to send packets where they need to go.
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    thanks i do understand the net id, subnet id and host id concept

    my question is
    i have just heard subnet and network id used interchangebly

    like create subnet and or create a network..just thought it was deeper than that haahah;)

    just thought could get some clarifying but the post office examples is dead on! i think i will use that in my teaching hee hee
    thanks wheely
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    the network portion would be 192.168.2 since it is a class C address, and the last octet would be the host portion. To subnet you "borrow" bits from the host portion of the address.
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    A stub network is a network that does not allow or have a need for other network to transit through it. Also in the field subnet and network is used interchangebly at least at my work
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    thanks you knwo what i mean....i see kinda of thought so makes sense. no routing thru
    one way in and one way out..


    yu too hear that subnet network are both used hahaa

    thanks to all of you for help!
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