What is MCP 2.0 ?

What does MCP 2.0 mean?
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    I think MS revamped the program sometime during or before the release of the NT 4.0 exams. It has said MCP 2.0 when I did my first exam back on '00.

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    MCP 2.0 is the current generation of MCP exams. The original series of exams, (the early NT4 exams, for example,) fell under MCP 1.0, or just MCP. I don't know for 100% sure where the cutoff was, but anyone who takes exams from the MCSE 2003, .NET 2.0, etc. path will see the "new" generation of MCP show up on their transcript. Chances are, we'll be seeing MCP 3.0 before long, if the new 2008 exams don't already reflect that.

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    Thank You it was not really a useful question on obtaining certification but was wondering
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