Lying to get a a job

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Please address the following ranking factors on a separate sheet of paper. Only applications that are accompanied with ranking factors attached will be considered for employment.
Heres the situation: Theres a job vacancy. The guy who supervises the postion says you can handle the position however in order to get the interview with HR you have to address the below ranking factors detailing any experiences you have or have knowledge of. The reason i didn't apply for it was because I would have to lie. I have no real time experience and I cant even think up anything to adress these points.
I'm Network and A+ certified and Im in a MCSE program at my local community college so i dont if this is enough to address these points or should i lie...throw bits a lies in liek everyone else. I have a concience and I dont like being caught in I dont do it. Also I dont wanna sound stupid when answering these questions. Maybe you guys can help me with it.

1. Knowledge of computer data center operations and particular equipment associated with tape backup and rack mounted servers.

2. Ability to participate in the planning and delivery of virus protection, content filtering and security advisories for enterprise server platforms.

3. Ability to analyze and interpret server software error reports and take appropriate service contact and logging actions.

4. Ability to communicate technical knowledge to help desk personnel in a fashion supporting automated or electronic announcements to schools when major problems occur.


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    I wouldn't recommend it. Focus on your strengths (like being a fast learner) and see if you can use the supervisor for a recommendation or endorsement. You should still apply because you have have no chance for the job if you don't. Just be real with them.
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