What to do with an AS2509-RJ access server router?

LBC90805LBC90805 Member Posts: 247
I just got my first "hand me down router" from work. Its an AS2509-RJ which has 8 ASYNC ports, one AUI Ethernet and one SYNC Serial alont with the standard CONSOLE and AUX ports. It is running an ancient IOS; 11.0(10c)XB1.

My question is what can I do with this? Will I be able to use it as an access server when I get other routers?

For right now I can only access it via the Console port, of course. But what I want to do in the mean time is to hookup the AUI Ethernet Transceiver to my computer. I don't have any switches or anything to hook it into yet. Do I need some type of CrossOver cable to do this? The cable that come with the interface for the AUI is a RollOver cable. Is there some settings I can use on the AUI interface unit so I can plug the cable directly into the NIC on one of my machines?


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