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Ok, I took the CCNA 801 exam last year and failed (just before that exam expired). Now, I am studying for the 802 track and I think I want to take the two exam approach. I have Wendell Odom's 2 series books and 2 other sources. I may break down and buy Boson's simulator, but I did take the Cisco Academy last year.

My question is--Do the books match the exams? So the 1st of Wendell Odom's books covers ICND1 while his 2nd book covers ICND2? Should I read both first or concentrate on the number 1 book first?

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    The 2 other sources are Chris Bryant's study sources and soon CBT Nuggets.

    Just to clarify...
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    If you look at the beginning of the ICND1 Odom book he says something about how to read both books. He mentions either reading the first book and then the second book or jumping between the two. I guess it is really up to personal preference. In my opinion though if you are just working on the CCENT first then go over the first book and then when you are ready for the ICND2 exam then start going through the second book. As far as the quality of the Odom books goes. I think they are great and very well written. From what I have heard they go in a little bit more detail then is necessary for the CCNA exam which is a good thing. Most people on here usually prefer to use actual hardware in addition to a simulator to pratice on so you may want to consider purchasing some used Cisco Routers and Switches from ebay. I never used the Boson Netsim but heard is was ok (but not great). Since you where in the Cisco academy last year don't you have Packet Tracer?
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    Thanks for your response sthomas. I do remember now that Odom does say in the beginning to either read both or jump between--sounds like I should read both!

    I will see if I can find some equipment on ebay... thanks... I do not have Packet Tracer and I will check up on that..

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