using a tag to redistribute

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i've done this a couple of times but it's not working ths time.

i have two rip networks with an isis backbone

i'm redistributing one of the rip networks into isis and using a route map to tag the routes, i'm then trying to redistrbute the routes into the other rip network using a route-map to match the tag

not working! normally i do this with ospf and i can see the routes as tagged in the database, with isis i can see the external routes but no tag?

is what i'm trying to do possible or do tags not work in this case.

cheers guys
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    EdTheLadEdTheLad Member Posts: 2,111 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Are you using ripv2? v1 doesn't support the tag.After redistributing the rip routes can you see them tagged.Do a "show ip route x.x.x.x x.x.x.x" and you should see if the redistributed route has the required tag.
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    aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611 ■■□□□□□□□□
    yeas running ripv2 with auto sum turned off

    R4_2691#show route-map
    route-map roper, permit, sequence 10
    Match clauses:
    ip address (access-lists): roper
    Set clauses:
    tag 11
    Policy routing matches: 0 packets, 0 bytes

    R4_2691#show access-list
    Standard IP access list roper
    10 permit (2 matches)
    20 permit (2 matches)

    R4_2691#show run | include redistribute
    redistribute rip metric 30 route-map roper metric-type external

    R8 is a backbone router

    R8#show ip route
    Routing entry for
    Known via "isis", distance 115, metric 114, type level-2
    Redistributing via isis
    Last update from on Serial2/0, 00:06:59 ago
    Routing Descriptor Blocks:
    *, from, via Serial2/0
    Route metric is 114, traffic share count is 1
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