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You are the network administrator of a company. The network consists of a single domain. All servers run W2K3, and all client computers run Windows XP Prol. A server named has two hard drives. You format D:\ and use the default file permissions.Then you copy a directory named Data from another server to D:\ on it. You need to create a network share and configure NTFS permissions settings for D:\Data.

You must fulfil the following requirements:
-- All domain users need read access to D:\Data.
-- Members of the Sales group need the ability to add and delete files in a directory named D:\Data\Sales.
-- Members of the Engineering group need the ability to read and modify files in a directory named D:\Data\Enginering.

Which three actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose three)

A. Assign the Allow – Modify NTFS permission on D:\Data\Sales to the Sales group.
B. Assign the Allow – Write NTFS permission on D:\Data\Engineering to the Engineering group.
C. Share D:\Data as Data and use the default share permissions.
D. Share D:\Data as Data and assign the Allow – Change share permission to the Everyone group.
E. Assign the Allow – Full Control NTFS permission on D:\Data to the Administrators group.
F. Change the share permission on D:\Data to assign the Allow – Modify permission to the Everyone group.
G. Assign the Allow – Write NTFS permission on D:\Data\Sales and D:\Data\Engineering to the Creator Owner group.

The given answers are : A B and D

How? You can discard E, F and G right away and are left with A,B,C and D.

D's right as you can give domain users change permissions and then lock-down with NTFS. Sales needs write and delete permissions so with no other choices for Sales, we go for A. But please explain choice B to me.
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    Users have "Allow - Read" by default.

    Since members of the Engineering group are members of the Users group they already have read access. They need the ability to change the files as well so granting "Allow – Write" gives them that ability.

    Sales needs the same permissions as Engineering plus the ability to delete files which is included along with write permissions in "Allow - Modify".

    Share permissions are not needed as this is being controlled with NTFS permissions. (This is the way you should always aim to do this, they give much more granular control and "Share" permissions are only needed for shares on FAT32 partitions or when you need to restrict remote access to the files with different permissions from locally logged in users - very, very rare).
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    Thanks for the reply, astorrs. Sorts things out.
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