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just a little inquiry about the MS certs. Do you automatically earn MCSA on your way to MCSE. To me it seems that you take all the exams required for MCSA when working on your MCSE. There might be a little more detail to it than I think. Calirification please.


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    Generally speaking, you usually get MCSA on your way to MCSE. There are, however, a few exceptions where it is possible to get MCSE but not MCSA. I actually just recently saw a post that discussed this in detail...
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    Thats what I thought, that you could earn your MCSA on your way to MCSE by choosing a certain exam or you could just get MCSE and not worry about MCSA. Thanks for you input man.
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    Here's the post you were thinking of I believe:

    Just make sure you plan out your complete exam route if you are wanting to be sure you get your MCSA en route. I practically memorized the exam choices for the MCSA/MCSE going over them again and again.
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