2500 routers and 2900 switch

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alright so I found two routers and one is a 2501 that takes a while to load then decides to cold boot. So I have to check that one out. The other router is 2524 with a 4 wire56k/64k dsu/csu and a isdn bri with nti card. I have to look these up too. I would like to know how long do I have until the 2500 routers are useless for the ccna? I also found a 2948g switch. Will I be okay with that? The lady told me that all the lights are green when she plugged it in. I already have a 2501 and I just need to work on the routers I found before I buy them. The lady wants me to buy the switch so she can get rid of it but I have to find out how to test it to make sure it works. I plan to buy them this weekend if everything works out.
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    The 2501 is still going to give you nice experience dealing with routing. The 2501's I believe are the routers used in the tech notes too.
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    I also found a 2948g switch. Will I be okay with that?
    The 2948G is a CatOS switch -- not an IOS based switch. CatOS hasn't been tested on the exams for the last few years.

    If it's only a couple of bucks, it still would be a nice home network switch. It could be used as a 3rd or 4th switch in a home lab along with a couple 2950s.
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    If your going to use 2500, then you'll definately want IP Plus 12.2(15)T17 (for ipv6 features)
    other ios images can provide ya typical router functionality though, bgp, isis, ospf, rip, eigrp,
    and so on...
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