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Look at the last line item under MCITP.

"United States History Major"




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    Yeah I saw this yesterday, had a laugh, and emailed Trika ("So, a booth babe and a geek walk in to a bar..." blog) to pass it along to the website guys.

    Somebody was doing a little testing in production maybe? Either that or Microsoft is branching out into new areas. :)
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    Just noticed your sig line...holy crap, you're going to do 8 more exams in a little over a month?

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    Lol. That should have read August. I'm not that insane...

    I'm getting close to the ones where I actually have to prepare (all I've been doing so far is a few practice tests I bought from Self Test Software and CitrixExperience and relying on the fact I've been using most of this for years as a consultant) - I need to brush up on some things for 70-293, 294 & 297. I don't really expect to make it in 90 days - but I'm game for trying.

    Writing these tests suck because I have to book the entire day off work from clients.

    Wish me luck, next one (70-501) is tomorrow. :)
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