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I hope I can get some clarification in here. I am approaching the big 40 and looking to break into IT, I am a pretty good amiture I have tried most things from building pc's to setting up home networks, The usual virus removal, and I think I am pretty good with the likes of office. I know A+ is the basic entry level for IT but what I am not sure about is what the job is likely to involve?. I have been looking around (in the UK) and I am unsure weather A+ is where I should start it seems that most IT jobs include using bespoke software as well, can anybody point me in the right direction of what employers will expect me to actually do?. Hope this makes sense to you all?

At the moment I am doing ITQ(NVQ) level 3 which covers a basic knowledge of most things in IT. Here is a list of what it covers.

Make selective use of IT
Operate a computer
IT maintenance for users
IT trouble shooting for users
IT security for users
Artwork and Imaging software
Internet and Intranets
Word processing software
Spreadsheet software
Database software
Website software
Presentation software
Specialist or bespoke software
Evaluate the impact of IT
Use IT systems
Use IT to exchange information
Sector specific unit.

They is 3 levels and I am hoping to get level 3 (that being the highest).
But where to go next?


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    I would say A+ and Network+ make for a good foundation to build upon. Your most likely job opportunities to break into IT will be in either field service (hand's on repair) or level 1 service desk (help desk) type roles. Once you have a foundation in hardware and networks you can probably add some Microsoft training/certs focused on user support (MCDST).

    If I can ask, what was your work background in previously? There may be opportunities to leverage that as well in an IT career.

    For everyone not in the UK, "bespoke" = "custom" (I had to Google it). :D
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    hey man,

    welcome to the forum. Firstly i would say stick around here, you can learn many great things from the posts and get/give good advice from many people.

    In the UK you will find few jobs ask for a+ and network+ BUT i think you should do it because it will give you good foundation knowledge if you havent touched the stuff before. I find the compTIA exams pricey but it will be a good start for you.

    Do you have any degree qualifications at all? If not you could do a degree PT on a night if you decide to work FT.Or you could do a degree FT if you can afford not to work?

    If you do not want to go the academic route then get cert'd up and get some experiance! you could try some contract work if you need quick experiance in IT. Use jobserve and cwjobs for some good contract/permanent jobs.If you want a permanent role you will have to start lower down the food chain.

    After some foundation certs, have you any idea which field you would like to go into?

    Most other people go for the mcse / ccna after the a+ net+ which will give you good knowledge of MS systems and cisco kit.

    Let us know some of the answers and we can take it from there but the general census is get academic qual's, certs and most importantly experiance! with all these you should be sorted
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    For the past 20 years I have been in the woodwork industry but the job I do is very physical and I know that in the coming years it will become to hard for me to do. But I have had a little training in sales (I also sell Broadband, telephony including Mobile and Blackberry, and energy).
    One of my dilemma's is not really knowing what will be expected of me in the IT world so I am unsure what area I would like to concentrate on. Unfortunately I cant afford not to be earning while I study I have a family and a mortgage so things need to keep ticking over while I try and build up some qualifications. I was thinking perhaps start my own business working for Joe public offering the usual virus/spy ware removal and general PC care, Upgrades etc to run alongside the fact I sell Internet/Broadband and maybe a little training in using software?. (working it part time to gain some experience while I train to get the certs but I would need to keep doing my full time job as well).
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