Again, a different type of question...

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Hey all, again!

I am start to study hard for the big exam, as ive finished my CCNA academy and was wondering how did you do it, no, not about what study material.. Just about motivation and howlong a day, did you use any special ways of tackling your studying..

Just wondered as ive got all this stuff in front of me(books, videos.. Mainly got what people recommended on here) and trying to come at it from a different angle, perhaps make it easier to understand :)

Thanks for your time!


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    I had to mix it up, and study/read/take notes/lab/techexams/google every day to make it sink in. Then for me, at some point you I am not sure that I am ready for the exam (nervous, anxiety, etc) but just want to get it behind me and take the exam. Chris Bryant offered advice that I use, set a goal, (schedule the test) and work toward the goal. I have found I have never been comfortable in the exam room.
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    I find books and practical the best route. Video's are ok but not my thing. I love practical work. it really makes it stick for me...besides thats the fun part for me!
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    miller811 wrote:
    I had to mix it up, and study/read/take notes/lab/techexams/google every day to make it sink in.

    +1, I haven't taken my exam as of yet, but I want to make sure I know the information and not just pass the test. I've mixed it up with reading, note taking, practical, as often as I can. Hopefully this helps.

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    Thanks everyone, for the replies!

    Im just looking at ways to help it sink and not have a memory like goldfish! :D The practical, im fairly ok with, its just storing all the information, that sometimes I sometime have a meltdown with hehe.. Looks like ill give mixing it up on a daily basis a go.
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