Pc repair exam, which one

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Basically i've been fixing pc's for 6 years.

The last course i took was "Advanced pc repair" (pc systems as it is commonly known)

But i left it because it was to basic.

If anyone knows, what exam should i take in order to be qualified.

I reside in the uk if that helps.


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    The closest would be Comptia A+. You can find the objectives here>

    There is also the Field Certified PC Tech, which is somewhat newer. I don't know much more than >>>http://www.fieldcertification.org/Exams/FCHDT_Exams/FCPT_Exam/FCPT_Exam.htm

    I don't think PC Repair is a hugely in-demand occupation right now, at least not across the pond here. You should decide on what you'd like to do, where you want to get. Here are some career tracks you could pursue.

    A+, Net+, CCNA, CCNP, etc...
    Cisco >>>http://www.cisco.com/en/US/learning/le3/le2/le0/le9/learning_certification_type_home.html
    A+, Net+, MCP, MCSA, MCSE, etc.

    Those are pretty much the most popular right now. If you think you'd be interested in Systems Administration, go with the M$ track. If you find networking to be your niche, go with the Cisco track. Both tracks require time, money, and dedication. For your studies, watch out for Braindumps icon_evil.gificon_evil.gificon_evil.gif They are evil!!! Cheaters use them, because they guarantee a pass. You get answers, not knowledge. Sounds good, until you get a job and look like an ass when you're clueless. I used Mike Myers All-In-One A+ guide, along with this sites FREE resources. A+ is pretty basic, and sounds like you should be able to pass easily enough, just get current on what you know. Good luck!
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    Thanx for the advice Ricka182

    I do already know what I want to do. I have also spent the last year studying a cisco networking course. so I am on the right track.

    My goal is to be a network administator. I hope in future to study for my msce and work in a network enviroment.

    I.m only 20 and have a extensive knowledge in many areas of computers. I get bored if there isnt another challange.

    For anyone else thinking of following this path. Then be warned. It is at the moment one of the toughest paths to follow. It demands a great deal of time and dedication. But if you want it you can have it. So dont give up icon_wink.gif
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