2 sup.eng with a link at each?

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If you have a switch with 2 sup.engines. Each sup have a link to the core switch. what will happen if the link at the active sup.eng fails ? can the switch use the other link in the standby sup.eng???

IF it will !! which sup.eng. will be the active one ?

thanks in advance.
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    Yep -- that's what it's there for. The standby supervisor is just sitting there itching to take over -- and has the same image and configuration from the active supervisor -- so you probably want that redundant link(s) plugged in the same place(s) as the active link(s).

    The first supervisor to come online becomes the active supervisor. But usually (on the 6000/6500) it will be slot 1 (supervisors go in slots 1 and 2 in the 6000/6500) unless there is a problem during boot diagnostics -- then #2 jumps on and becomes active (and lets #1 eat its dust, and load it's image and configuration when it finally gets it's act together and comes back on line).

    There should be a redundancy section in the documentation for which ever switch family/model you'd specifically want to know about.
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    Mike i reckon that was the case with the old sup1a& sup2's, the sup720 in the 6500 & rsp720 on 7600 are only supported in slots 5&6.On the 7600 configured with SSO, gig ports on both rsp's can actively forward traffic regardless of who is master.I havent tried but probably the same behavior when using sup720 in a 6500.
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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Good point -- also check the data sheets to find out all the supervisor engines options and to get a hint of the architecture.

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