Trouble with new Sata Drive

billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
I have just bought a new Sata Drive 160GB to replace my IDE (Master drive with O/S on) and so i installed the new drive, popped in the cd and started the O/S install, the install rebooted after copying over the files and during reboot i receive the message, "Press any button to boot from CD, so i left it, and then another message appeared stating "Error loading operating system" even though all the drivers and files loaded fine from the cd!!


  • Mmartin_47Mmartin_47 Member Posts: 430
    This has happened to me before. I think your supposed to let it boot to CD. I forgot what I did.
  • billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
    Google searches explain that the motherboard might not support the drive!! It must do as it can see the drive in the bios, and in computer management when i use the older drive, it just wont load using the new sata drive, soooo annoying.
  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    What version of Windows? Is it a Windows error message or one from your BIOS? Do you still have a PATA drive in there? If so, does it have a higher priority in the boot order in your BIOS?
  • AhriakinAhriakin SupremeNetworkOverlord Member Posts: 1,799 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Most modern boards mount an SATA drive as IDE compatible in the BIOS to allow easy installation of Windows, this was in response to folks hating to have to use a separate driver (Press F6 while installing....) to get XP to recognize the SATA controller on older boards. Check and see if you received an SATA driver with your mbd, it might be on CD for you to generate, or you may have an option in the BIOS to emulate IDE for SATA.
    We responded to the Year 2000 issue with "Y2K" solutions...isn't this the kind of thinking that got us into trouble in the first place?
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