Passed with a 928!!

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I passed on my 1st attempt with a 928.

I studied with the Microsft Training kit and did a lot of the practice tests / questions.

Next is the 291 or 294... not sure yet..

Any recommendations for my next test keeping in mind I dont have 2 pcs to run a lab.


  • cacharocacharo Member Posts: 361
    Not having 2 physical pcs is not a big issue. But if you plan to move on you are going to want multiple machines to lab with. Search the forums for suggestions for a VM Lab set up and use the trial versions of the software with the Microsoft Training kits
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    Congrats man, great score too!

    Make sure you use a few VM's for the 291 to get some hands on in your studies
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    congrats, good score :D
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    Nice Score Congrats!
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    Congrats and nice score.

    I bet if you ask around you could find friends/family/coworkers that have an older P2 or P3 computer laying around they don't want. It doesn't need to be much, as long as it makes the hardware requirements for server 2003. It will make your learning much more productive with 2 computers to lab things up.
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