easy question about CCNA exams.

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Just wondering on the Sims if, in order to have the sim count, you need to do a copy run start or wr command to copy your changes to the startup config. My practice exams seem like they don't require such a command to score the sim, but that may not be the case for the actual exam. I'm not sure this is asking to violate the Cisco NDA, so if it does, just tell me so and don't answer the question. I'll find out myself on June 3rd I guess. Thanks!


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    I know it won't count against you to save your work so you might as well do it.
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    General consensus seems to be for everything apart from the CCIE lab is that you don't need to but people do anyway since it doesn't hurt.
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    great, I'll have to remember to do that. Thanks!
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