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You are the network administrator for your company. Users in the company access resources on a file server. They report unacceptable performance when they use the resources on the file server. You suspect a disk bottleneck. Which performance objects should you monitor to improv e performance?

a). Logical Disk \ % Idle Time
b). Physical Disk \ % Disk Time
c). Physical Disk \ Average Disk Queue Length
d). Memory \ Write Copies/second
e). Memory \ Commit Limit

Given answer : C and D

I would say B and C. Please advise.
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    c). Physical Disk \ Average Disk Queue Length
    d). Memory \ Write Copies/second

    Avg. Disk Queue Length Shows the average number of both read and write requests that were
    queued for the selected disk during the sample interval.

    Write Copies/sec Shows the rate, in incidents per second, at which page faults were caused by attempts to write that were satisfied by copying the page from elsewhere in physical memory. This is an economical way of sharing data since pages are only copied when they are written to; otherwise, the page is shared. This counter shows the number of copies, without regard to the number of pages copied in each operation.

    whereas B)
    % Disk Time Shows the percentage of elapsed time that the selected disk drive was busy servicing read or write requests.

    Therefor D is correct as it shows the page faults on the disk and how often they occur.

    B is a good answer but it could just indicate a busy time of the day.
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    Thank you for clearing that up, Sie.
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